Small Business Loans

Small Business Loans

Our Small Business Loan offerings cater to the financial needs of small and medium sized businesses in Australia. These loans can be utilized for various purposes such as working capital requirements, equipment financing, business expansion & covering operational costs.

Small Business Loans are an ideal financing option for businesses seeking financial support for growth or cash flow management. These loans cater to a wide range of enterprises, including startups, sole proprietors, and well established businesses operating in multiple industries.

We recognize the current loan application systems may seem cumbersome to businesses. To reduce friction for our clients we have refined our application process, making it more efficient and user friendly

Web Application

Our online application simplifies the screening process, allowing you to submit information and required documents efficiently.

Competitive Rates

As Private Lenders, we are able to offer competitive interest rates, even for those with low credit scores.

Flexible Plans & Repayments

We offer various financing options with different loan amounts and terms, ensuring you find the most suitable option.

Quick Approvals

As Private Lenders we are able to expedite the approval process and provide you with quicker decisions on your loan applications.


Our team of financial experts can help you identify the most suitable small loan offerings based on your business needs and financial situation, minimizing the need for collateral whenever possible.

Bad Credit

Our team can provide guidance on improving credit scores and overall creditworthiness, increasing the chances of loan approval.

Support Team

Our experienced support team is available to guide you through the application process, answering any questions and assisting with document submission.


Interest rates for small business loans will vary widely depending on several factors such as loan term, type, credit score etc.

Interest rates for small business loans will vary widely depending on several factors such as loan term, type, credit score etc.

The amount you can borrow with a small business loan depends on factors such as your business's financial health, credit history and the loan plan you opt for. At Capseed we offer loans amounts from $10,000 to upwards of $500,000.

At Capseed we work with businesses with bad credit histories to help out in the best ways possible. These include finding the best product fit, a flexible payment plan that doesn’t severely affect the cash flow for the business & financial guidance at various business stages.

We have collateralized and non-collateralized loan options at Capseed. Our team can guide you
based on your specific requirements.

If you have your paperwork in place, we can preapprove the loan within 24 hours and disburse the same within 3 – 5 business days.